200-Hour Yoga for Wellness
Teacher Training Course

With Instructor Suzanne Vian & Guests

Instructor Suzanne Vian

Instructor Suzanne Vian

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Instructor Robin Shepard

Instructor Robin Shepard

Suzanne's explanation of the Yoga for Wellness Teacher Training Course

I took my first YTT years ago with Ana Forest. Her first trainees were my teachers. Things were very different then they are now as it was not common for more casual practitioners to attend teacher trainings. Training was for very serious, long time dedicated students of yoga who were practicing more or less daily and for several years. Now many who want to deepen their asana and spiritual practices for personal reasons want to train, and those with less time on the mat under their belts want to train. This to me is an acceptable idea, as taking an intensive training to gain adequate skills to teach others or training for personal reasons, changes people's lives. Our teacher training teaches you how to approach the practice properly, with attention to all aspects of the practice including philosophy, alignment, and how to have and maintain healthier mental and physical habits.

Ideally, the practice is a lifestyle and becomes a natural way of living.

In my younger years growing up in Southern California, I lived next to a great studio where my teachers who had committed their entire lives to the practice infused us with Ashtanga, Bikram, Forrest and a bunch of other interesting practices. They helped me cultivate a deep love for the practice and I am fascinated by teaching others. I watch students develop habits that stop pain in their bodies and help them to develop safe habits, better posture, higher self awareness. I enjoy Hatha, Flow and Iyengar yoga a LOT but also love softening into more gentle practices like Yin yoga and restorative practice. It's a true gift to be able to teach and practice in different ways and to have the knowledge and ability to switch gears according to what our bodies and minds need most asana and meditation wise, and how much bandwidth we have to practice in any given day.

In training with me, if you focus properly and train with devotion to your learning and with all your heart, by the time you graduate you will have a thorough and global understanding of the practice yoga on and off the mat, as a lifestyle practice. You will understand alignment, safe practice and how to adjust your own practice or your lessons for your students. You will learn to experience your own practice much more deeply, in beautiful and profound ways and be able to provide meaningful experiences to the students you teach. You will attain the knowledge needed to be a thorough teacher who understands each student in front of you.

Everyone can teach. But to me the most important thing is teaching the true essence of yoga which stems from wanting to help yourself and others heal and feel better and to grow in your own joy and raise your vibrations and consciousness while helping others grow as well.

Wishing you all the best on your journey,