10 yoga-inspired healthy food habits

While many people would agree that a good fitness regime helps keep fatigue, weight-gain and stress at bay, it may just not be good enough. Choosing and following a good and healthy diet can help you there. Even with a hectic lifestyle, one can minimise the risks by choosing the right food to eat. But is choosing the right food enough? No. Along with the right type of food, we must also learn how to eat it the right way. The following 10 yoga-inspired tips should help:

1. See what you are eating

Observe your present diet. What is it that you eat most of? Are you consuming too many calories in your diet and don't have enough time to burn them off?

2. Choose green leafy vegetables

They are a rich source of proteins, iron, calcium and fiber. Green leafy vegetables are easy to prepare and quite appetising too.

3. Know when to drink water

Drinking plenty of water helps detoxify the body as well as gives you a glowing skin. Although, we should avoid drinking water during meals as it slows down the digestion process.

4. Include enough proteins in your diet

Proteins are vital for the body. Broccoli, soybeans, lentils, asparagus, spinach and low-fat dairy are some commonly found protein rich foods.

5. Chew your food

The more you chew your food, the easier it becomes for your stomach to digest it and the more calories you burn moving those jaws.

6. Keep away from fast food and soft drinks

Fast food is addictive and loaded with unhealthy trans-fats. Carbonated soft drinks have a high sugar content, which may lead to obesity, diabetes and dental caries.

7. Cook at home

Instead of ordering pizza from the joint around the corner, stay home and make that dish, adding health tweaks (feta instead of mozzarella cheese) along the way.

8. Focus on your food

Most of us have our food while distracted and don’t keep count on how much we eat. Though your stomach might be full, your busy brain tells you to eat more.

9. Never skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it prepares the body for the whole day ahead. Eat a wholesome dish before you step out of the house.

10. Digest your food better

Sitting in Vajrasna (adamintine pose) for a few minutes after having food helps with digestion. This particular yogic posture enhances blood circulation in the lower abdomen.

A balanced diet helps keep the body fit and active. Yoga combined with good food habits can make you become more energetic, dedicated and focused person in all spheres of life. Remember, what you eat is what you become. So choose wise and eat better!