What is the relationship of breath to life? At its simplest, breathing is life - without the in and out flow of air, we cease to be. In yoga we see prana as the vital life force and focus on breathing fully and deeply, bringing that force to all parts of the body.

Consider for a moment if the natural, even involuntary, act of breathing might not be in itself an expression of love.

Breathing in, I receive love. Breathing out, I give love.

Everyone of us has been gifted with a life, and our breath is an embrace of that gift. Our acceptance of the tapestry of circumstances through which we make our path. Our love song to this moment, this world, this shared dream.

Breathing in, I receive love. Breathing out, I give love.

By continuing to participate in this human experience, by continuing my breath, I am expressing love for what is – no matter how reality might fail to match up to my expectations. Even when things are going wrong. Even when I don’t feel wonderful.

When we see our breath as an expression of love, we become an energetic force of love.

Breathing in, I am love. Breathing out, I am love.

For today, why not try this simple and beautiful meditation. With focus mindfully on the breath, think, say, or feel love with each inhale and exhale.