Life Bright Founder,
Suzanne Vian

"I started a steady practice of yoga in the early 90's, and it has been my constant love from day one. I have been teaching yoga non stop for well over a decade, and ran a successful yoga studio for many years. A big focus for me now is working with students looking to teach yoga to others.

I am the Mother of 2 great little boys (my 2 little teachers). I love life, people, human connection, and beauty. I am grateful to be doing meaningful work that brings more joy and freedom into the lives of others. My non-stop mission is to love, enjoy and celebrate more. 

Yoga helps me on my mission to celebrate and focus more on what really matters (family, friends, and feeling great). 

If you commit yourself to a steady practice in 2014, notice where you are to start with, and take note at the end of this year you will be amazed at how much you have grown and changed. Being a yogi is a powerful way to live. You may be interested mainly in a physical practice, and this is totally cool! Just commit to that then and enjoy!"  ~ Suzanne