Detox diets

It often makes sense to let go.  "Let go of be dragged" - Zen Proverb But how to let go? Each time we can detach from what is painful or annoying, we create more space for beauty and feeling good. But how? The intellect is often not able to "manage" or "control" our feelings, stress, dysfunction. However, getting quiet, meditating and "releasing" into the space of our hearts, can help to soften the rough edges when they come.

We can not force ourselves to meditate, we must "allow" it to happen.

We can not "force" ourselves to feel better and most often times, the more we try to "think" our way out of confusion, sadness, frustration and stress, the worse we feel. When the brain kicks in and tries to "fix" things, often times, we end up feeling exhausted, sometimes even ill. 

Can we learn to "allow" difficult emotions to come in, to "sit with them", instead of feeling bad about our negative feelings? If we allow ourselves to observe and fully "feel" without judgement, we can quite possibly release negativity and anxiety and move onto feeling more at peace. "Allowing" and "letting go" are helpful tools. Try to embrace what is coming up inside when emotions are high, instead of forcefully shutting your feelings off or giving yourself a hard time, and see what happens. 

Much love, Suzanne