Find Your Drishti.

Practicing yoga and meditation for freedom of body & mind
Yoga is powerful medicine. It is a tool to enhance every level of your "be-ing".  Do it regularly, and you will feel better. It will get easier. Let go of of trying to "achieve" anything other than presence, patience, steadiness, poise, and self understanding on the mat.

Your teachers are there to help you develop and to guide you through safe and inspiring practice. Your job is to enjoy it as much as you can, and to stay aware of what you are feeling when you start to feel "intense" on the mat. Our most challenging moments on the mat are where we learn to cultivate a quality of "equanimity" on the mat. 

Opening parts of the body that have been stuck or tight for long periods, usually requires patience. It typically takes time. What is the rush? 

Practicing meditation and yoga without "goals", helps us feel relaxed on the mat or in sitting meditation. There is no pressure to "get it right" or to "quiet the mind". Being clear about this in your mind as you begin each practice. Cultivate feelings of gentleness and kindness towards yourself, your injuries, your limitations. If you can't do what everyone else is doing, be ok with that. There is no rush.