Opening up

Opening UpLong hours at a computer, holding your child, or experiencing emotional pain can make you feel stuck in your chest / heart area. Backbends and asana that open your front body give an instant feeling of spaciousness. Doing simple poses that stretch open your chest muscles and draw your shoulder blades down your back to expand your ribs, will make breathing deeply easier. Doing this quickly relieves stress. 

This is really easy. 

Spend a few minutes each day for a week with arms stretched out wide at your desk, fingers spread wide, reaching out and back, while breathing slow and deep. This can be done while seated. Or kick it up a notch and clasp your hands behind your back, stand tall, roll your shoulders back and open your chest. Lift your low ribs up away from your waist to take the pressure off of your lungs and breathe in and out fully. Notice how different you feel after doing this.

Slap a sticky note in a noticeable spot in your home or on your computer to remind you to open your chest daily. Doing so opens your heart chakra, which can make you feel more loveable and loving. 

Nothing fancy, very effective.