12 Reasons to join Jiva Yoga Saigon’s Teacher Training


Take our Yoga Teacher Training & Give Back to YOURSELF 

1.   Get a handle on your mind.

The most important element in life satisfaction is our mental state. Our training focuses on cultivating a healthy mental state and positive attitude.


2.   Get a handle on your body.

Get into the best health you can be in by focusing fully on your body and your physical strength, as you iron out your stuck spots in your body on all levels and in all systems of your body, every single day for 3 weeks.


3.   More Self Love & Patience.

Love yourself exactly where you are at. This training focuses on self love, body love, life love, self awareness & self compassion. Find your peace and self love at the deepest core of your being. When you really have this emanating from within, you will be filled with the best vibes and love and light for your students should you choose to teach other people. Good vibes are contagious. Be the change.


4.   Establish a daily mindfulness practice.

You won’t get away from this one in our training! This is a huge piece of our training. You will meditate. Every. Single. Day. And you will feel incredible for it. Meditating isn’t all the rage for nothing. It works. It makes us calm and strong.

5.   Understand your asana practice once and for all.

You will gain a SOLID understanding of yoga asana. What works for you, what works for others you teach, how to approach your own practice in an effective way with the highest attention to integrity and presence in each pose.  

6.   Get certified by a school who demands your best.

We take training our students seriously. We have a versted interest in your development and success, you are not a number to us, we want to see you shine and teach well, with confidence. This is not the easiest training although it is within reach to any committed student who comes with an open mind and whole - heartedly to our training. We support every one of our students to the best of our ability.


7.   Practical health knowledge – for healing thyself or others.

Over dozens of previous trainings, we have skill. We are a well - established school, founded in 2003 and we have combed over subjects that we feel get the job done for healing bodies and minds efficiently. This course is highly experiential and practical. We cover basic Ayurveda, basic massage, and everything yoga and pranayama related which helps to bring a students body and mind into better balance. In our 200 Hour teacher training, we keep our training simple, deep and thorough. Everyone needs solid ground to build on.


8.   Get a handle on your breath.

We have seen countless students who have not mastered their breath! This is a no go in our course. You will master your breath. You will go deep into pranayama and never be the same breather after successfully graduating from this course.


9.  Come as you are.

This course is for all students of all abilities who are willing to do the work with a good attitude towards growing and learning. We love our students. We feel everyone can gain from our training experience.


10.  Get certified, spread the goodness.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be certified by our school and can be certified by the Worldwide Yoga Alliance, should you choose to. Our biggest concern is your credibility as a teacher and that you are as confident as possible by the time you set out to teach. This of course is as much on you as it is on us, but we do everything in our power to give every student what they need. Many of our students come for personal growth but many have gone on to become successful teachers and servants to humanity.

11. Have a flexible career you can grow anywhere you go.

A career in yoga teaching gives you a beautiful way to earn a living anywhere you live, and to be able to work a schedule that fits into your life.

12. Because you are the best investment you can ever make.

Happiness and freedom of mind are priceless. This course stirs the pot, clears and shoots trainees out into the world feeling stronger and more clear than ever. This training has been developed over many years and just keeps getting better. Our focus is 500% on your personal and professional development.

Wishing you well on your journey & hope to see you in our upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Jiva Yoga Saigon