I can't believe it is almost the end of 2019. It has been a BIG year of learning. Pondering some big things at the moment.

Mainly around how I envision the rest of this year playing out. Not that it will go according to plan but yes, taking giant steps these days.

Life has challenged me in ways I could never have imagined. All of this challenge coupled self inquiry, have brought SO much strength and clarity (and some very hard days in between!).

If you are feeling challenged, try to notice if you are struggling against the challenge (I am working on this too!). It is SO easy to get caught up in worry and control. But embracing a difficult phase, day, situation frees up energy we would otherwise be spending on worry.

I do not always nail a "neutral mind". However, I am really working on this and I see it is paying off. I say to myself often "this is only making me stronger".

Here are a few treasures from the difficult challenges I have been faced with:

1. An even stronger will.
2. Healthier boundaries.
3. Less shame, more forgiveness.
4. My brain is more efficient than ever.
5. Perseverance and increased patience.
6. The ability to quickly detach from what isn't healthy.
7. A heightened ability to catch my intuition saying hold on, slow down, NO WAY, and to easily follow my instincts.
8. The ability to consciously mentally and physically relax and "over ride" the sensations that accompany extreme stress (this one is major).
9. A deeper connection to my true self (squashing naysaying thoughts that are coming from fear and old baggage).

I feel major progress from keeping these things clearly in mind. I hope this email inspires you.

Wishing you a GREAT month ahead.

Love and light,