Stronger Every day


The thing I remember most about my teacher training was the feeling of strength and steadiness I felt in myself from training my body and mind day in and out.

The amount of personal growth I experienced changed my life forever and even to this day I see the benefits of that incredible month spent immersed in practice.

It is a huge honor to lead trainees through this journey into the self. It is a beautiful transformation to witness as students explore, heal what needs to be healed and shed old ways of thinking, only to develop new habits and patterns on all levels. They are literally glowing.

I also learn so much from each trainee that crosses my path, as every person is so different and coming to this will knowledge of their own which they share during our time together. Every person who comes brings their own wisdom. It is truly awe inspiring.

I want to thank those who have the courage to step on this path. The effect we are having as yogis globally is for real. We are striving for peace, compassion and understanding. We CAN and we ARE making this world a better place and there is no denying this movement which was once considered a "trend”.

Yoga and meditation are overtaking this world. Because practice makes us feel better, healthier and sane.

What an exciting time to be a yoga teacher.

Wishing everyone well on this incredible journey through life!

Namaste, Suzanne

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