It's Ok to Let Go

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And often better to.

Do you know how and when it might be the right time to let go? Here is a hint. Anytime you are in a situation that is not healthy for you. Boundaries are a game changer. And detachment is a powerful practice.

How easily can you switch gears when you realize it’s time to? How to free yourself from much of your own suffering? It can be learned. Habits can be set in and that’s what I have learned in regards to my own mind. I have trained to learn this. When I find my head is in a negative place, same rules apply. Notice, and let go. Can’t let go, take a better look. Get right and practice. Detachment is the practice. Letting go is the practice. Filling up on optimism is the practice. Even pessimists and the most challenged can be trained if there is a will, I have seen it time and time again. I know for fact with gentle, whole hearted continuous self inquiry we can learn this process which can be done anytime of the day, all throughout the day as needed. It works.

Every one of us gets stressed. Every one of us wins and loses. We just can’t always win, and we are all the same. We naturally feel great when life is easy and are often riddled with worry and stress when times are hard.

Get to know yourself and pay attention. Wasting energy on what doesn’t serve peace in your life and mind are not going to make you a more peaceful person. I have wasted energy and still do sometimes but am always practicing and making a bee line for anything that can be cleared as often as possible. It is a habit.

Life is so beautiful but can be so challenging too, and having hardships can teach us so much about ourselves and about the value of peace and harmony. Conquering stress and making it through hard things, possibly even being pushed to the limit can show us how strong we really are and how much we are capable of. We might even come out winning more due to the strength we build during difficult times. This would be ideal and this is the way towards making peace, healing ourselves, healing our minds.

One great strength is the ability to let go. To walk away. To know when to shut the door and to move ahead.

If you want to engage in and learn some of the practices I have used to heal myself and recover from crisis and illness, I would love to share with you. I have been practicing and teaching these tools for many years even prior to this traumatic experience and unusually extended period of crisis and I am so thankful for the knowledge of how to heal myself well and really thrive again.

Here I am, feeling on top of the world again most of the time where statistics show the majority of parents who experience what I have been through never truly recover. These practices work. Not one day goes by that I don’t want to get up and live, create and love deeply.. How?

Self Inquiry, Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama (breath). The practices I share as a yoga teacher have saved my own life. I have not only survived, but feel settled as a person at my core with an ongoing positive attitude, living in a state of grace and gratitude every day. The practices I have built and cultivated over so many years are what have always save me and are what take me back to a balanced place in my mind. I have been practicing self inquiry (Svadyaya, “Study of Self) since 1983 and teaching this since 2003. I have seen so many students work themselves out with a little guidance and focused study, until this practice becomes second hand nature.

I have been sharing my work and research for so many years and it feels even more important to me now to assist students in healing and becoming empowered once and for all. Mental health is everything. Deal with your mind and your body will heal too, if this is an area of discomfort and concern for you. It is all connected (or disconnected and needs to be connected).

I am running The Self Settlement Course again at the end of August. I first began running this program in 2010. This course has hit so many nails on the head for my students over the years. If you are in need of healing time, just curious or dissatisfied and ready to deal with your life and your mind, come. I haven’t run this course for 2 years due to life’s circumstances and am happy to be able to get back to doing this work.

Getting control of your own mind is meaningful, a lot cheaper than therapy and so empowering. Not that therapy is a bad idea in heavy times (I have supplemented with talk therapy over the last 2 years). But ultimately, all understanding can only come from our own minds and habitually practicing self acceptance and self understanding is such a solid way to live (realizing when treating ourselves harshly, recognizing quickly, staying aware and being able to shift thoughts and feelings quickly).

It’s easier to do than you might think and these are very important habits for building for your mental health.

More Power to You.