Keep Your Dreams Alive. Make it Happen.


This beautiful shrine is where local Japanese go to wish for success.

Surrounded by the sea on all four sides, Japan has received many benefits from the sea throughout its history. Japanese people have had a deep faith God, and have prayed for safe fishing and big catches at the shrines.

The "Motosumi Inari Shrine" in Nagato, Yamaguchi is one of such shrines.

Legend says in 1955, a white fox appeared beside a local fisherman named Hitoshi Okumura one night, leaving an oracle. Okumura was told to hold a religioius ceremony for the Shinto spirit as a thank you for their long history of success in fishing, and so he decided to build the shrine.

In addition to prosperity in business, big catches, and safety on the sea, people come to the shrine to pray for many things like good relationships, child blessings, warding off evil and bringing in good luck, wealth, traffic safety, academic success, and wish fulfillment.

Speaking on dreams and success, I woke up this morning with a wish for prosperity and for the sake of fun and pleasure. Not of a place of lack but for what is possible to create and experience in life. Life is beautiful, it is a gift and the world is magnificent.

Yesterday my 11 year old son asked me “why are people and the world so weird?”

Our kids are exposed to a lot of things as they progress along and as a mothers, we can not stop our children’s minds from being influenced. However, we do have the ability to come right in the other side of his mind to challenge, question, inspire and influence.

All I had to say was…

“Let other people be weird and let the world be crazy, we can’t stop this. Let’s be the good ones.”

Keep your side of the street clean. Keep your life clear. Keep your own mind beautiful and that is all you need to focus on. Let the rest of the world be and do as it will. But do good things. Let’s be good human beings and enjoy life.”

His dream right now is to go to Japan (and have a TV lol but this is a conscious choice I have made in not having one in our house! It has been the BEST decision. He is creating and doing amazing things).

Feeling so blessed to have come this far and excited about how far we can go.

Optimism and focus can squash whatever stands in the way. If we can conquer our minds, we are well on our way!

Love and light from crazy Saigon!