Memberships & Studio Offerings


Dear community,

This blog post is to bring up topics surrounding the number of weekly yoga classes we offer at Jiva and pricing for yoga classes in general and more specifically at Jiva Yoga Saigon.

 In our studio, our schedule works really well for some, and not so well for others. Most of us teaching at Jiva guard our personal time and are parents, so we spend most evenings with our families. We have added a few evening classes which will be starting in September (and may offer more later if there is sufficient interest).

Bigger, more commercial studios (like Yoga Works LA or Yoga Pod on Thao Dien) catering to larger groups of students, running several classes a day, can financially operate while charging less. It is great there are these options out there.

LA / NYC / San Francisco drop-ins run around 20 -25 USD.

The average drop in for more upscale studios in Thao Dien run 13 USD a class (300,000 VND and ours are 350,000 VND).  Our drop ins are 15 USD.

We have done the market research (thanks Sabrina!) and while we are not the cheapest place to practice yoga in An Phu, we aren’t so far out.  Our 10 - class pass works out to just over 12 USD for one yoga session. This feels reasonable and we think worth it.

We have a warm community of students and teachers who often know each other by name.

If you are into design and or Iyengar Yoga, we have the most beautiful yoga walls ever. The studio is super nice and was designed by Danish architect Fong Chan Zeuthen of Kaze Interior Designs.

In case you or others want to come by to take a class, if weekday mornings don't work for you but you want to come check us out, starting this September there will be a Monday 5pm class, Friday night 7:30pm Restorative session, as always there is a 10am Saturday sesh and a 3pm Sunday Restorative class starting next month, as well. Yum.

All this being said, one of our main focuses is on training yoga teachers and we were just voted one of 6 Top Yoga Teacher Trainings in all of Asia by Do You Yoga. Watch out for in depth write ups coming soon on Do You, pertaining to our training program. These articles will be coming straight from a student’s perspective We really love what we do! and look forward to hearing what it is like to take part in one of our yoga teacher trainings!

So there is a long history behind Jiva. Our studio used to be called Saigon Yoga and was founded by yours truly in 2003 when I relocated from Southern California to beautiful Vietnam. I set up Vietnam’s first international standard yoga studio. My focus from day one was always on quality and am still referred to as “The Pioneer of Yoga in Vietnam”. It was The Word Magazine or Asia Life Magazine that came up w that one, I don’t remember which but it was slim pickings on the yoga scene here back then!

Yoga s exploding in Vietnam! I have enjoyed watching yoga in Vietnam develop over the last 16 years. There are so many choices there are out there now in great local and expat teachers in the country, with so many studios around.

I recommend checking out different venues, teachers and styles to see what feels best to you and at a budget that suits. There are plenty of choices now so…happy yoga- ing wherever your heart takes you, Saigon Yogis!!!

All my best and lots of love from Jiva Yoga Saigon.