Tapas for Wellness

Discipline in yoga is called "tapas". The word “tapas” comes from the Sanskrit verb “tap” which means “to burn.” The traditional interpretation of tapas is “fiery discipline,” the fiercely focused, constant, intense commitment necessary to burn off the impediments that keep us from being in the true state of yoga (union with the universe). 

☆ 8 hr sleep
☆ 30 min run
☆ 1 hr yoga
☆ 30 min meditation
☆ 30 min sutras study

What do you need?

Every year I take a solo time out for travel (usually there is yoga and nature involved). I have done this for years. I leave my work, family, friends and I go out into the world by myself to "recalibrate". No pressure, pure "me time".

We go to work, interact with others, with our kids, colleagues, our families, clients - whatever and we do our best to keep things smooth and to please the people in or lives, to support others, to make money, be good parents and partners, etc. It can happen that we stop paying attention to our own needs. 

There is this thing that I have done over the years. I learned it from author Louise Hayes, the great healer. This is my version of it, anyhow. 

Walk to a mirror. Look yourself square in the face, dead in the eyes and have a conversation with you. You can speak your mind freely and say whatever you want, out loud. No need to edit, just speak directly to yourself. Notice this person in front of you (yourself). You might feel ridiculous and want to laugh. No, you are not a lunatic. You might see how lovely you are and just how worthy you are of your own love and acceptance and find some answers to your questions as to what you want to do or need in your life and information for moving ahead with more clarity. 

I am going for a massage, an early night's sleep. I leave for a 4 week pilgrimage in India soon. That's what I need most right now so I am giving it to myself. 

And you? What do you need and how can you best support yourself at this time in your life?

Why not go to a mirror and ask yourself. Because no one knows better than you. 

Happy New Year :)