Yoga and Mindfulness, a Way of Life


To live a lifestyle as we do as yogis ...

…living "the good life", we embrace practices which are so freeing and enjoyable. Some of you may be new to yoga ad to yoga philosophy while others have more or in-depth understanding. To me, yoga philosophy is important and something worth learning more about. 

One of my favorite philosophy practices is called "Santosha". 

In my own experience over many years what I have found is this simple practice brings instant peace. Run it through your intellect heart and life if you will. Transcend the idea or habit of just stretching and strengthening your body on the mat. We can stretch and strengthen our minds, and when we gently work on our inner selves by regularly studying yoga philosophy (and surrounding ourselves with others doing the same), life is filled with more wisdom and magic. 


Santosha, sometimes spelled Santosa, is a combination word in Sanskrit, derived from Saṃ (सं, सम्) and Tosha (तोष, तुष्, tuṣh). SaM, means "completely", "altogether" or "entirely", and Tosha, "contentment", "satisfaction", "acceptance", "being comfortable". Combined, the word Santosha means "completely content with, or satisfied with, accepting and comfortable". 

Santosha is referred to as contentment, accepting one's circumstances or the lack of Trsna (तृष्णा, craving) and desiring beyond that which is necessary for one's life. Santosha is as an attitude of contentment, one of understanding and accepting oneself and one's environment and circumstances as they are, a positive spiritual state necessary for optimism and effort to change the future. Santosha is inner contentment, a state of inner peace, contentment as the inner state where, exists a joyful and satisfied mind regardless of one's environment, whether one meets with pleasure or pain, profit or loss, fame or contempt, success or failure, sympathy or hatred. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you will give this helpful practice some attention.

Wishing our community well as we all continue learning these wholesome practices that uplift our interactions, living spaces, environments, families and the world at large. May all be well! 

Love and light,