I feel extremely blessed for the time and care my teachers have touched my soul over the years. Without their guidance and sharing of their knowledge, I would not be who I am. 

Teachers are so important and as a teacher myself, one who comes from a lineage of teachers (2 of my Grandparents were teachers and both of my parents are, as well) I value those who spend their life sharing the gift of knowledge, one of the greatest gifts there is. However this comes for each of us is different. Some take a more academic, traditional road and others are self taught, or taught in less formal, less traditional ways. Life has so much to teach us and if we are open, there are so many ways to learn, so many chances in a day. My love for learning is big. I love the feeling of understanding, experiencing and knowing based on experience. Yoga is such a stimulating subject (experience) and there is just so much to learn. Whatever path we decide to take, it is ours to chose so following our hearts as we learn and make our way forward seems a wise way to go. 

Question: Can yoga be studied?