Robin Shepard's Bio, continued

For anyone who has not attended a children’s yoga class, they are very different from the adult experience. They tend to be more playful, experiential, sensory-based, and chaotic in a good way. The children haveinput into the flow and direction of the class and this allows them to really “go with it”, deeply immersing themselves in movement and imagination. While each age group has specific developmental needs and different approaches, the goal is always to address the whole child. For Pre-K, the focus is on building body awareness though discovery, music & movement, and repetition most often anchored in songs, games, and story books. For Primary aged kids, the focus is on building breath and body awareness through imaginative adventures, story telling and celebrating strong bodies and minds through challenges and games. For Preteens, the focus is on exploring who they are and who they are becoming through personal expression, physical postures, breathing, and mindfulness practices.

At the same time, Robin also enjoys teaching yoga to grown-ups. As a long time Ashtanga yoga practitioner, Robin has personally seen and felt the difference that a regular yoga practice can make in a person’s life. Her classes combine vinyasa, balance, and core strengthening postures with breath work, strengthening the mind-body connection, and sharing yoga heritage. She sees yoga as a doorway, beginning with asana and progressing from there into meditation and other mindfulness practices.