The Self Settlement Course is Back.

A profound balancing and healing course based on Suzanne's 20+ years of study and practice in healing. Learn and experience practices that are simple and work. This popular course has been successful because it works to re set and settle students on the deepest layers of being, and assuming you come whole heartedly and stay committed to yourself and this course, the changes you will experience can be permanent and life changing.

Dates: August 26th - September 6th, 2019

Schedule: Monday - Friday from 12:30pm - 02:30pm

Where: Jiva Yoga Saigon, 50 Ngo Quang Huy, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Course Fee: 400 USD

Included in this course is your daily work book and a 1 – hour, one on one follow up session in person or on Skype with Suzanne (to be used within 2 weeks of the course end date).

All students are welcome. This course is recommended for students preparing for the 200-hour Yoga for Wellness Teacher Training, especially if working on personal mental, emotional or physical healing before the Yoga Teacher Training begins.


This purpose of this course is not to get you focused on my ideas or more systems or another self help program, it’s to get you deeply in touch with yourself. What you think is all that matters here. 

Have you ever tried to improve something in self or life? Was it hard? Did it work? What was the outcome? Were you disappointed with the results? Did you succeed?

There is often this painful belief that there is something wrong with us. We often want to fix something about ourselves to prove to our selves or others we are worthy and ok. Nothing needs to be proven and we are not at all broken.  

We are growing. We all have inner wisdom, inspiration and unique longings. Reaching inside our own minds as opposed to outside to others for guidance allows us to grow and create from a place of strength. 

When we are understanding ourselves, we feel content and can easily make moves that align with what we truly want and need.  Trusting what someone else thinks or dictates will work for us, makes us feel inferior and weak, while leaning from our selves makes us feel strong and confident.   

If our goal is to fix things about our selves and we come from a place of lack or unworthiness, we can feel disappointed in and judge ourselves for failing. We are never failing and our minds can be trained to rest, relax and to let go as we develop, instead of torturing ourselves so much along the way. 

 It is not necessary or helpful to judge ourselves as we strive for some goal we haven’t yet reached. We often sabotage our own efforts or feel stuck when we don’t measure up to our pre – set expectations or if we are trying to become someone or do something that is out of line with who we are and our true desires.  Trying to live up to another’s expectations, old out of date expectations of ourselves, or comparing ourselves to others is tiring and makes us feel like something is off. “Know thyself.”  Your own self -approval is what matters. 

 What do you long for? And are you missing experiences that are even mundane but lovely by being in your head and self - critical? Maybe now is a good time to pause and connect with parts of yourself you have not felt connected to for who knows how long. Why not take a closer look to see what is really happening inside of your mind? You might find desires you have forgotten about or are neglecting or that you are investing energy in that aren’t making you feel satisfied. 

Why not get intimate with your self for 2 committed weeks, focus on self- care and see what comes up? 

There is an accountability element to this course, which helps a lot. Daily face - to - face sessions in a small group gives morale support and supports your commitment. This course has caused people to start new projects, change careers, relationships have strengthened, confidence, mental and physical health has increased, and people have even lost stubborn weight and started to look younger. Feeling in touch brings positive change to life.   

How do you want to grow? 

Learn to listen to and trust your own voice to lead you forward. You always have what it takes to succeed because YOU are what it takes.  Focused time on your self will uncover what you need and ways you can create more of what you enjoy and want in your life and in the days ahead.  


Sample outline of our daily sessions: 

Day 1 

Greeting and simple yoga to release main areas of tension (ok for all levels) 

Handouts of course work book 

Life assessment test #1 to recognize opportunities for creativity & growth 

Introduction of 2 acupressure techniques to release tension & stress 

Introduction to breathing techniques to center your mind & connect to yourself

Introduction to “stilling your mind”

Introduction of specific journaling techniques for clearing your mind & self - understanding

Take a photo of your face (not to share, for your own reference) 

Intention setting for the next day & homework assignment / experiment

Days 2-9

Yoga practice to release tension and connect with yourself 

Acupressure to release tension 

Perform breathing techniques to center your mind & connect to yourself

Discussion on techniques and experiences from the homework

Meditation practice 


Meditation practice 

Setting intention for the next day & homework assignment / experiment 

Day 10 

Yoga practice to release tension and connect with yourself 

Acupressure to release tension 

Perform breathing techniques to center your mind & connect to yourself

Discussion on techniques and experiences from the homework

Meditation practice 


Meditation practice 

New photograph (not to share, for your own reference) 

Life assessment test #2

Course reflections 

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Suzanne Vian was voted One of Asia's Top Gurus by Asia Spa Magazine and has been featured in national publications since 2003. Much of Suzanne's life has been dedicated to healing and helping others gain strength and inner peace through yoga & spirituality. During this course, she will be sharing tools gathered from 2 decades of health and healing research and her own 20+ years of teaching, personal development study and yoga / meditation practices which have helped her overcome difficulties in her own life and become a happier, more settled human being. 

Suzanne has a deep appreciation for others, thrives on challenge, and lives for love and personal satisfaction. She is the director of Jiva Yoga Saigon, which is a Worldwide Yoga Alliance accredited school. She developed the Yoga for Wellness 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course, Self Settlement Course, and Children’s Yoga for Wellness Teacher Training Courses. Suzanne also hosts an annual Wellness Retreat at the highly acclaimed Mia Mui Ne Resort in Phan Thiet, Vietnam.